Mature woman sits in lotus position meditating with mature man in background doing the same

Caring for the Whole Caregiver.

At the Caregiver Renewal Institute, we focus on mind, body, emotional and spiritual support to help our caregivers live their best lives.

Emotional & Mental Wellness

Family Caregiver Alliance- Emotional Wellness and Stress
Stress – Family Caregiver Alliance

The Mindfulness and Grief Institute provides helpful information on using meditation including meditation information and guides. While these resources are provided in the context of grief and loss, they may be helpful for a variety of coping needs. Also provided here are several free meditation guide recordings.
Mindfulness and Grief Institute – Meditation For Grief & Loss

This informative resource created by the team at outlines ways to use creativity and art throughout the grief-healing process. While this website and article are specifically geared toward coping with grief, the resources provided may also apply to general coping strategies. 
Recover from Grief – Using Art for Healing

Caregiver Intensity Self-Assessment
The Caregiver Intensity Index was created by the ARCHANGELS to reflect an individual caregiver’s experience. This short online “quiz” or self-assessment allows caregivers to understand the intensity of their own caregiving role. The intensity is reflected by the colors Red, Yellow, and Green. 
Take the quiz here

By listening to recorded music with intention, you can help meet some of your own wellness needs.
Music for Wellness

Physical Wellness

Family Caregiver Alliance- General resources for Self-Care
General Self Care – Family Caregiver Alliance

National Institute on Aging (NIA) resources on diet and exercise
Healthy eating, nutrition, and diet | National Institute on Aging (

Family Caregiver Alliance- resources on physical health and self-care
Health – Family Caregiver Alliance

Better Sleep Guide – Being rested is key to ensuring the personal wellness, long-term health, and resilience of caregivers. Learn more on our helpful sleep guide.
Better Sleep for Caregivers

Visit our classes page to learn more about and register for our restorative yoga classes.

Spiritual Wellness

Caregiver Support Services
The Caregiver Support Services agency provides guidance on self-assessment and care for one’s spirituality as a caregiver
Four Tips to Enhance Your Spiritual Wellness as a Caregiver – Caregiver Support Services